Helpful tips and information when adopting one of our puppies.

Please read below information before contacting us.


Important Note:  


Please read this information carefully and ask questions before you pay the non-refundable deposit. On paying your none refundable deposit, you are agreeing to our sale and purchase policy.

Upon receipt of the non refundable deposit from the Buyer, the puppy that chosen by the Buyer shall be taken off the market and will be held until the puppy is ready for its new home.

If you are keen on our puppies that are Available now, please complete a Puppy Application Form which can be found on our Available Puppies page.


1.1       Deposit of NZD500 will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

1.2       An initial Deposit is required to reserve a puppy.  Please note puppy is not reserved until your deposit is received by us.

1.3       Buyer acknowledge and agrees that deposit NZD500 will be forfeited if;

(a) Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the puppy for any reason, this would result us;

  1. i) loss of opportunity to find the puppy a suitable home,
  2. ii) it may also incur additional cost looking after the unsold puppy until new Buyer is found, or


(b) Buyer fails to pay the balance of the Purchase Price on agreed possession date. In either event, Little Angel Spoodle and Cavoodles shall be free to re-advertise and sell puppy to another family.

1.4       There shall be Non refundable for the Flight Costs, Transportation cost, Agent Fees, Approved Airline Crate or any other related costs if Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the puppy for any reason.

1.5       We will accept a NZ$500.00 non refundable deposit to hold a puppy in Buyer’s name until full payment is received. The puppy will not be delivered/released until full payment is received and puppy is at least eight (8) weeks of age or by Little Angel Spoodles and Cavoodles’ discretion.

1.6       Deposit will be refunded if the puppy for any reason fails at vet check.  If this happens, we will refund the deposit in full or offer you the next available puppy.

1.7       We as a responsible breeder, will have the right not to sell or rehome a puppy to any individual whom we feel are unable to provide a suitable home for a puppy.

1.8       We may also at our discretion, choose not to sell or rehome a puppy if we feel a puppy may not be a good match to a family, and or the new owner may have intention to resell or rehome a puppy for the use of breeding purpose, or any other reason that we feel uncomfortable about. We do not sell to pet shops, or to other breeders.

  1. Size and coat


2.1       Every puppy is an individual and Little Angles Spoodles and Cavoodles cannot guarantee adult size, temperament, type of coat, color, proper bite, weight, retained teeth, conformation of the puppy or otherwise develop later in life. Little Angels Spoodles and Cavoodles can only estimate based on parentage and size of puppy.

3 Buyer’s responsibilities

3.1       agrees to provide a life-long commitment to

(i) comfortable environment, puppy socialization/puppy classes

(ii) prompt medical attention/ necessary veterinary care

(iii) proper grooming and responsible for the care and wellbeing

(iv) regular worm and flea treatments

(v) up to date vaccinations refer to vet booklet

(vi) regular exercise

3.2       This includes keeping the puppy with proper nutrition, which consists of good quality food, free feed to avoid hypoglycemia, fresh water available at all times and annual teeth cleanings and vaccination to ensure longevity of life.

3.3       provide a safe environment for the dog, and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.

3.4       If the Buyer decided to rehome the puppy/dog for any reason, the Buyer must get the puppy spayed or neutered prior rehoming.


  1. Transporting your Puppy throughout New Zealand and Australia


4.1       If puppy must be shipped to Buyer, Buyer must pay shipping costs prior to any flight bookings. Shipping costs include Air New Zealand airfare, cost of an approved flight cage, Auckland agent fee and transportation to Auckland airport.

4.2       Puppy will be flown from Auckland to Buyer’s nearest airport.

4.3       Flights will be determined by availability and also the best interest of the puppy (i.e., morning flights, fewest stops, shortest travel time, etc.).

4.4       Please note Buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs and it is a non refundable costs as this payment will be going to third parties, airline, agents, etc.

4.5       We shall not be responsible for the death of said puppy after leaving our care due to negligence or carelessness of any airline, it’s agents or employees, pet transport or other live animal carrier.


  1. Waiting List


5.1       A Non Refundable Deposit of NZD500 is required to go on our waitlist, and are in line to choose a puppy when the next litter of puppy is born (deposit NZ$500 is not an added extra cost, this deposit amount will be deducted from the puppy price).

5.2       We can’t guarantee a puppy until they are born, depending on a couple of factors;

i) number of puppies born by our girls,

ii) number of people on the waiting list.

5.3       Due to the amount of interest we are getting we cannot hold a space without a deposit.

5.4       You can only be on one waitlist at a time, please do not ask to join more than one.

5.5       Please note, this deposit is non refundable, so please be 100% sure and committed about bringing a new puppy into your home.

5.6       Please note, when we breed a litter, we may take the first pick of the litter either a male or a female for ourselves.

5.7       Puppies are offered to those who are on our waitlist shortly after birth in order of deposits paid. It is important for you to complete the online puppy application form and provide as much information as possible just so we could best matched to what you are looking for based on information provided by you.

5.6       Please state clearly on the application form, if you do not wish any white on your puppy (toes, face, chest or tail) please let us know before paying the none refundable deposit.

5.7       We will provide new born photos and allow 24 hours for you and your family to make the decision and confirmation if you will take the puppy offered by us. At the same time, we will issue a Sale and Purchase agreement to you. Please complete, sign and return the Sale and Purchase agreement to us for processing once you have made your decision to take the puppy offered by us.

5.8       The deposit is *non refundable* but *transferable* to subsequent litter (one litter only) or transferable to a family member or a friend, should there be no puppy available or that not suitable to purchase.

5.9       Puppy Photos: We send photos of puppies once born, then at around 3-4 weeks when their eyes are open and finally between 6-7 weeks when start walking.

If you are interested in one of our puppies and would like to be on our waiting list, please complete and submit our online Puppy Application Form (please select Waitlist on Type of Application).

On paying a deposit you are agreeing to our sale and purchase policy. Please read the information carefully and ask questions before you pay the non refundable deposit.


6.De-Sexing Contract

 6.1       All puppies purchased from Little Angel Spoodles and Cavoodles are strictly as PETS ONLY.  

6.2       Before you can take home your new puppy you are required to agree to our de-sexing terms. A puppy agreement/desexing contract must be signed by the you. We do follow up with you to provide Little Angel Spoodles and Cavoodles with a certificate of Spey/Neuter from a REGISTERED VETERINARIAN.

6.3       Puppy must be de-sexed (spayed or neutered) by the age of 6 months old.


  1. Visitation/Viewing


7.1       Puppies visitation is allowed 3 days after their vet check and 1st vaccination. This would happen on or after 7 weeks old.

7.2       Visitation or viewing is strictly by appointment only. Please come at the timeslot allocated to you, and be punctual to ensure the subsequent families could have the equal amount of time allocated for their visitation.

7.3       Please have a toilet stop prior arriving at our property. We have a busy family home with young children and can’t have people coming through our home.

7.4       Please Do NOT walk around our family home/property and take photos or videos, this is our private family home.

7.5       We have specific areas for visitation and viewing, so you can view your own puppy and puppy parents (if required).

7.6       You are allowed to take photos of your own puppy but not on other puppies or dogs that are on our property.

7.7       Our puppies’ health is our top priority; having visitor coming in and out of our kennel not only compromising or risking the health and wellbeing of your puppy but possibly the health and wellbeing of someone else’s too. Therefore, we are asking you please do not visit other breeder or breeders on the same day to prevent the spread of viruses or sicknesses.

7.8       Other pets, such as dogs or cats are NOT allowed on our property. Please do not bring dogs or any other pets on your visitation or viewing day.


  1. Adoption Week


8.1       Full payment must be made and a Sales and Purchase agreement (completed and signed by Buyer) must be returned to us by email at least 3 days prior taking puppy home. Full payment must be received by us before puppy leaving our property.

Due to bank processing delays, we do not accept online bank transfer on pickup day, or if pickup day falls on weekends. Thanks for your understanding.

8.2       We will give you a puppy pack which include a new puppy information booklet, blanket with mum’s scent, vet booklet, microchip registration information and a bit of Royal Canin Medium puppy dry food they have been on.

8.3       As puppies settling into their new homes, be prepared for a few unsettled nights with your new babies. Sometimes puppies won’t eat much on the first couple of days, due to change of environment, missing their siblings, just keep trying different things such as dropping a bit of kibbles on the floor, hand feeding a couple of kibbles to encourage your new puppy to eat but don’t worry they will eventually eat when they are ready.

8.4       All puppies leave us when they are 8 weeks old as we feel this is the crucial time for them to bond with their new families. But if for any reason you wish us to look after your puppy for a bit longer, we are happy to do so. However, we will only hold your puppy no longer than 3 days.  After 3 days, we will be charging you boarding and food fee at NZ$35 per day.  In addition to that, we will be charging for any worming, flea treatment, vaccination and veterinarian fee (if incurred) while in our care. For the benefits of your puppy, please note that we do not hold puppies for longer than 9 weeks of age.

8.5       We provide regularly worming and flea treatment, and their 1st Parvo vaccination, microchip and vet check between 6.5-8 weeks old. Any other subsequent vaccinations and vet bills are at new owner’s expense.


  1. Worming, Flea Treatments & Vaccinations


9.1 Worming

Your puppy has been wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. Puppies should be wormed every two weeks and then every month until they are 6 months of age. After this they are wormed every 3 months or as advised by a veterinarian. Your puppy is up to date with worm & flea treatments while under our care. For the next worming or flea treatment dates, please refer to the puppy’s vet booklet.   You could purchase Worming tablets and Flea Treatments from your local vet.  Regular flea treatment and worming will help to keep your puppy healthy.

9.2 Flea Treatment

We have applied Revolution flea treatment when your puppy is 6 weeks of age. Fleas are a year-round problem so Revolution should be applied every 4 weeks throughout the year.

9.3 Vet Check and Vaccination

Vaccinations and vet checks are given by our registered veterinarian when your puppy is approximately around 6.5 – 8 weeks of age.

Do Not take your puppy to places that unvaccinated dog may have been present such as parks, beaches, or to attend puppy classes. Remember your puppy is not fully vaccinated when he/she arrives at your home. Avoid taking your puppy to public places at least 7 days after he/she has completed the full vaccination schedule as advised by your vet.


9.4 Microchipping

Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs; hence we have provided Free Microchipping on your puppy while under our care. Your puppy has a unique microchip ID number. It allows your puppy to be identified if they are ever lost, stolen or injured. It can be scanned at vet clinics and animal shelters to identify your dog. About the size of a grain of rice, the chip is inserted quickly and easily under your pup’s skin by a vet or licensed implanter. Collars and tags can be easily removed, but a microchip cannot!

Once you brought your puppy home, you can register your puppy’s microchip number online on New Zealand Companion Animal Register. Having your pet microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register improves your chance of getting your puppy back quickly should they go missing. If you change address or contact details, you can update details on the NZCAR website.


  1. Preparing and Welcoming Your Puppy & other important information


More information can be found from link provided below